Creating Real World Wealth in the Virtual World

The Viviverse is the first ever PlayNation in the Metaverse

Viviverse brings entertainment to another level, redefining growing wealth in both metaverse and reality. Users can grow and protect their wealth just by being a citizen of Viviverse through our unique play to earn spaces in gaming, esports, entertainment, real estate.

Blending virtual reality & real life by leveraging on technology such as AR , VR , AI and infra sensor wearables to give our users a one of a kind experience, making sure their metaverse experience is visually, audibly and kinaestheically real in both experiences, as well as in earnings (both in fiat and crypto).

Viviverse, where crypto comes to play.

Strongly focusing on integrating the metaverse and reality.

Leveraging on technology such as AR (Augmented Reality), VR (Virtual Reality), AI (Artificial Intelligence) and infra sensor wearables.

VIVIVERSE is capable of providing its users (Citizens) an unrivalled metaverse experience that is visually, audibly and kinaesthetically stimulating.

VIVIVERSE is constantly working to further develop and enhance sensory experience for users (Citizens) within the metaverse.

VIVIVERSE seeks to build a future where reality and the metaverse can co-exist and are interlinked and interdependent.

NFT11 – A football metaverse which is kicking off its metaverse with an immersive football management game incorporating elements of Strategy and RPG.

ME Holdings –  Exclusive partnership with London based real estate developer specialising in luxury family homes. All VIVIVERSE real estate corresponds with an actual London property, giving users rent, cap appreciations, etc.

NFTE – Worlds most profitable NFT and Blue-Chip index fund. Earn up to 9% PER MONTH even in a bear market on the World’s 1st fund that tracks the volatility of a curated list of Blue-Chip NFTs and Crypto.

Zenith – Partnered with Ministry of Sound, Pacha and Amnesia, Zenith is the 1st world-class party club in the Metaverse. Earn while you dance and have fun!

The Viviverse Structure

7 Layers of The Viviverse


Strongly focused on integrating the metaverse and reality


Edge computing, AI agents, Microservices and Blockchain

Citizenship & Tokenomics

NFT passport (VPASS)

Spatial Computing

3D Engines, VR/AR/XR

Creator Economy

Design tools, asset markets, workflow, commerce and partnerships


Social, curation, ratings, stores, agent, financial and payment services


Games, social events, wealth building and e-commerce



Access exclusively available to VPASS Holders (Citizens) only

Get to participate in private parties hosted by renowned DJs such as Alan Walker, David Guetta & Tiesto

Get to party at some of the most iconic locations in the world (eg. Eiffel Tower) or even out of it (eg. Milkyway in Space)!

Participants at the private parties can also earn royalties on music streamed through Spotify

Highly interactive and gives participants the opportunity to own exclusive NFTs of special tracks and/or their favourite DJs

Dance to Earn (D2E) Concept – Devices such as a smart watch or tracker can be linked and when the participant dances to the music in real life, their dance moves and heartbeat can earn them tokens in the virtual world

Real Estate Zone/
ME Space / ME Home

Ownership of real estate exclusively available to Citizens where NFT ownership and actual title deed ownership is custodised via regulated custodians

Own a wide variety of real estate

Most activities within VIVIVERSE would take place within the real estate

Designed and built by world renowned developer and builder, ME Holdings- VIVIVERSE's exclusive developer

Real estate owned in VIVIVERSE is an NFT which entitles you to rental income and capital gains from the property in the real world

Every single piece of real estate is unique and exclusive​


(Exchange Traded Fund)

NFTE is the Metaverse’s very first trading floor

Tracks Blue-Chip Cryptos and NFTs, allowing investors exposure to these markets without the risks of volatility

Provides users with opportunities to trade, earn and grow their wealth on the Wall Street of the Metaverse

Offers a unique and wide range of blockchain based products for trading such as the NFT exchange-traded funds (ETF) as well as trade options or warrants on our proprietary Blue-Chip Crypto only index

Upcoming Developments

March 2022


August 2022

Sales Of VPASS

Q4 2022

– Sales of Real Estate within VIVIVERSE
– Bonds
– Staking

Q1 2023

Launch of Meta Space

Q2 2023

Launch of NFTE


Akin to a passport that gives you Citizenship and unfettered access to VIVIVERSE

Enables one to fully experience and reap the rewards of VIVIVERSE’s offerings

VPASS is an NFT governed by a smart contract and and are limited, with release being governed by a DAO that consists of VIVIVERSE's entire Citizenship

Viviverse Tokenomics

Development Team Allocation


Private Sale & NFT Sales

42,000,000 – 20%

Founding Team

10,500,000 – 5%

Launchpads & VCs

10,500,000 – 5%





Development Team

63,000,0000 – 30%


147,000,000 – 70%



Staking Rewards

94,500,000 – 45%

Special Rewards

42,000,000 – 20%

Liquidity Pool

10,500,000 – 5%



The Company

Viviverse Labs (Vlabs) is a web3 company developing rewarding experiences by bridging real life and digital reality with true utility & interoperability to push the Metaverse forward.

Our founders

Andrew Ling

Founder and Visionary

Philip Wu

Founding Architect

Simon Marshall

Founding Architect

Mark Rodel

Founding Architect

We’re bridging the gap between Reality and web3.